Do you have a long term or short term view of health? Just like a business, you should have both the long term and the short term view. Unfortunately, just like businesses most of us only pay attention to short term problems. We are health firefighters. We only think of our health when there is a problem.

Sadly, that is the case with our health system as a whole. It is very unlikely that your doctor or medical adviser ever sees you except when there is a problem. We just don’t have a long term view of health. We do have health fads, and a lot of misinformation and “so called” quick fix solutions out there. But mostly we just want a pill to take care of the immediate problem.

Do you know that if your life is filled with stress, no diet, no exercise routine, no pill will prevent your body from, sooner or later, having a problem? How we react to life’s circumstances has a more profound long term impact on our health than any regime of diet, exercise, or medicines. For example, type II diabetes is a completely reversible condition, but doctors don’t even bother with telling you that! Either they don’t know it or they don’t think it worth their effort to get you to change your life enough to restore the body’s natural healing ability. They just give you a pill. And you get to live longer with many side effects from the pill and eventual low-quality health in later life.

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